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Shannon Myers

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” I’m a dual-side Clinician/Researcher/Counselor/Professor/Consultant serving individuals, families, patients, physicians, organizations, self-funded employers, government, and systems for radical health outcomes. Bridging the traditional medical model to the latest evidence-based interventions for the most customized, innovative, cost (and life) saving solutions. Throughout my career, I have worked with businesses, patients, healthcare, & governments across the world. My mission is to cut out the games played, financial disincentives, to get patients and populations back to living full, meaningful, and healthy lives. Everyone wins when we collaborate and cut out the nonsense. There is too much at stake. We are in the midst of a health crisis of epic proportions in the U.S.!

Over my career I have worked with, trained, and educated tens of thousands of healthcare professionals, clinicians, and employers. I have a technology, pharmaceutical, and medical device background, have worked for state & federal governments, and am self-employed. As a systems thinker, I mapped out the world’s first Precision Medicine patient & physician engagement, processes, and case management systems resulting in outcomes that went from 8% to over 80% in six months. Talk about ROI!

Additionally, I am a Trauma-Informed Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider & Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Research Fellow at The Harkin Institute, Adjunct Professor at Drake University in the Masters of Counseling program, & have owned a Consulting/Coaching/Research business since 2012 (The Integrative Counselor)

There is always a way to heal, unravel to fix a system, innovate, & collaborate so that everyone wins. I work on a project and consulting basis for government, self-funded employers, organizations, startups, or individuals looking for radical health outcomes using evidence-based interventions. All solutions are customized. My business is to understand your business.



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Shannon Myers MS CRC


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