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Jennifer Clemente MS, CNS is a board-certified, clinically trained, nutritionistMy health had never been stellar. Through childhood, I suffered from unexplained abdominal pain, GI issues, tick disorders, and depression. By the time I was 20, things would slip from my hands because my fingers were painful and weak. Then came IBS, uterine fibroids, and late-stage pre-cancer. While it’s so obvious now, at the time, I wasn’t able to recognize my body’s cry for help or connect the dots between what I ate and how I felt. By my late 30’s my health had completely fallen apart. I was debilitated and suffering yet, doctors told me again and again that I was fine because the routine tests were normal. Rather than digging deeper, they offered antidepressants telling me the illness was “just in my head”.  Thankfully, I found an alternative health practitioner who actually listened and shed light on my symptoms. She empowered me to re-evaluate the choices I was making including my food, career, stress, and relationships. One step at a time I changed my life and reclaimed my health.Today, in my 50’s, I am healthy, vibrant, and in remission from an autoimmune disease. I have spent the last decade studying all aspects of human health from a functional medicine perspective. My practice is dedicated to helping others uncover their hidden causes of sickness, make empowered choices through education and elevate those suffering by being a supportive health partner.EDUCATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONSCertified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), National Board CertificationMasters of Human Nutrition, University of BridgeportInstitute for Functional Medicine PractitionerAmerican Nutrition Association MemberHelix Institute Graduate in spirituality-based psychotherapyCompleted 12 seminars in functional medicine and immunology by Datis KharrazianAdditional training includes:Hundreds of continuing education hours on topics such as Advanced Blood Chemistry, GI Conditions, SIBO, Advanced Thyroid, Functional Endocrinology, Mastering Brain Chemistry, Hormones, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Genomics, Nutrigenomics, Functional Nutrition, Post-cancer Care, Toxicity and Pathogens.


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