Yoga For Memory Imrovement And Concentration

Ismat · January 7, 2022


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Ismat Dhala-Nathani’s commitment to natural medicine has spanned twenty-four years and three continents. She brings specialized knowledge and the highest professional standards to her unique model of integrative Ayurvedic care—a blend of traditional Indian medicine with Western holistic and naturopathic medicine. Her practice is especially empowering to members of modern society because she offers both the authenticity of ancient wisdom and the practicality of simple methods that fit into our fast-paced, stress-filled daily lives. Ismat Dhala-Nathani integrates clinical proficiency with compassionate care, a combination that results in self-healing, inner understanding, and empowerment for her clients. Her experience with Ayurveda ranges from initiate to doctorate, academic to administrator, but first and always: an empathetic healer and teacher with the distinct advantage of equal training in Eastern and Western health sciences. Ismat Dhala-Nathani practiced and taught internationally before bringing her unique skill set to Toronto! Her goal is to provide simple, effective, and individualized health solutions by combining traditional Indian medicine and western holistic / naturopathic medicine. She offers naturotherapy tools to individuals for health and wellbeing, catering to the climate and lifestyles of Canadians with what she calls integrative ayurvedic medicine.

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