What is Autoimmunity?

Connie · January 8, 2022


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I am an entrepreneur and an autoimmune patient who is committed to health, wellness, and business success. I use any obstacles in life as a catalyst for greater health and success. My mission in life is to challenge the long standing dogmas and beliefs of the healthcare and Yoga practices and make something better. I’m a Rebel Doctor and a patient who believes that healing is an inside job. An educated health care practitioner who is sick and tired of the bureaucracies of the sick care system. An Autoimmune Health Rebel who is always finding ways to learn so she can break the rules and make it better, faster, and effective. I’m an expert patient who’s lived with Lupus for over two decades. I’ve had to piece together my own “healthcare” because our “sick care” system had serious limits. I had to REDEFINE Yoga and Functional Medicine to use as a powerful modality to HEAL. I am obsessed with helping people find their true healing power from within. A passionate practitioner who’s mastered the art and science of COACHING patients heal. Some of my credentials are DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY – LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY, MASTERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION, BACCALAUREATE OF ARTS IN PSYCHOLOGY, REGISTERED/LICENSED DIETITIAN, LICENSED PHYSICAL THERAPIST, BOARD CERTIFIED FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER – INSTITUTE OF FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, YOGA ALLIANCE E- RYT 200HR PENDING 500 HR, DOUBLE CERTIFIED PILATES INSTRUCTOR – NATIONAL PILATES CERTIFIED, CONTINUING EDUCATION PROVIDER YOGA – YOGA ALLIANCE, FOUNDER OF ALKALINE METHOD ™ YOGA TEACHER TRAINING- YOGA ALLIANCE, FOUNDER OF ALKALINE WELLNESS.

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