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Annette · January 7, 2022


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Hi! My name is Annette Gettinger, a native of San Antonio and a Dietitian Nutritionist. I’m the founder of Healthy Gut. I consider myself a food therapist, nutritionist and gut health expert because I help women overcome their emotional eating relationship so that they can improve their chronic gut symptoms, thyroid disorder, and autoimmune disease. I grew up in a predominantly Mexican-American food culture. My parents knew little to nothing about nutrition, health, or how food affects the body. I loved to eat chips, candy, sweet cereals, and pastries. Pizza was definitely my favorite food! Let’s just say I knew NOTHING about the body’s relationship to food. Even in high school when I played sports and ran cross country, my diet wasn’t ideal. It was no wonder I got migraines and was so tired all the time. I WISH someone would have mentored me in the school of nutrition. After I became a Nutritionist, a whole series of events happened that triggered feelings of body insecurities along due to weight gain, gut issues, and a hormonal imbalance that had me feeling NOT MYSELF. All this was brought on after the birth of my first child but got worse after my second child. I knew this was NOT me and was determined to snap myself out of it by fixing my hormonal issues, gut issues due to IBS and inflammation, and weight gain due to my Hashimoto’s. I had a series of emotional events that had me eating emotionally and binging on crap foods which triggered my autoimmune condition. A relationship that left me as a single mother for nearly 3 years and relying on government assistance to help support our finances was definitely one of the most stressful events in my life. Here is what I did to get out of this painful transition and funk. I’m not religious but I consider myself spiritual. I prayed every night and put all my faith that my life would change. I wanted to own a business as a Dietitian and I wanted to meet someone who would love me unconditionally. In return, I started taking care of myself from the inside out. I practiced yoga, meditated every morning, and planned a meal so that I ate better.

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