The Menstrual Cycle

Kristin · November 13, 2021


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Before I became a nutritionist, I was a stressed-out university student who seemed to feel worse with each passing year. ​I was horribly anxious, my periods were all over the place, my digestive system seemed to hate anything I ate, and I'd get such bad PMS depression that it felt almost impossible to concentrate on my studies.​I saw countless doctors and specialists, took medication that didn't help much, and never got any real answers as to why this was happening. I spent most of my spare time feeling frustrated and defeated - like I was at war with my body and losing spectacularly, with no end in sight.And then I was introduced to a holistic practitioner and the world of hormone balance, and everything changed. I finally had answers about why I'd been feeling the way that I was - but more than that, I now had a way forward, and I could take those first crucial steps to start feeling better.​It wasn't always an easy road - I had to re-think a lot of things I'd taken for granted about the way I was eating, moving, and living - but it's been so, so worth it.  My anxiety and PMS depression both dropped so substantially that I've been successfully medication-free for years. My digestive system has recovered to the point that I can finally enjoy food again. My periods have slowly but surely become more regular and my ovulation has begun to normalize. And while my hormones still aren't perfect, I don't feel defeated anymore.Now, when symptoms arise, I feel empowered to use the clues my body is giving me to help myself start feeling better. I feel much more at peace in a body that was on my side all along - I just needed some help to figure out what it was asking for. Caring for my hormones is an important part of my life - but they aren't in control of it anymore.

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