Side Effects of Contraceptive Pills

Roberta Fusco · January 7, 2022


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Roberta Fusco

Roberta Fusco is a registered Nutritional Therapist & Women's health specialist. With a deep passion for all things natural health, Roberta loves empowering busy people restoring health and vitality in natural ways. In her spare time you will find her walking in nature, reading self-help books, baking healthy dishes, making lotions & potions, and dancing to Latino music!My name is Roberta (Robi for most), I’m originally from Naples, Italy and have been living in London for over 6 years. I wasn’t always the healthy person you see today... not at all.I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary when I was 15, had surgery to remove cysts and was prescribed the contraceptive pill to ‘regulate my hormones’ due to my horrific period pain and PMS. I took it for nearly 10 years to manage my symptoms unaware of the awful side effects. At the time, I thrived on a processed carbohydrate diet, rich in pasta, biscuits, bread, pizza and all the unhealthy bits of a Mediterranean diet. I hardly ate any green veggies and fibre, suffered with chronic constipation and IBS. But life is always good when you are young! Until I moved to London in 2012 and my diet became pretty much Pret a Manger sandwiches and Deal Meals from Boots, I was always running to get somewhere, not sleeping much and drinking way too much alcohol! In less than one year, my body gave up. I became intolerant to different foods including dairy, gluten, even caffeine, I was often sick, fatigued and bloated right after eating. My immune system was completely depleted and so was my mental health. I decided that something had to change but did not know where to start and I felt betrayed by the medical system! I decided to temporarily move back to Italy to give myself time to think. That’s when a friend recommended to read the book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. And I haven’t seen the world in the same way since. The book really inspired me to take action and taught me that it is always your decision to start over.I signed up to the gym for the first time in ages and slowly got into healthy eating, yoga,meditation, spending time in nature. I started glowing again within a few months of lifestyle changes and my symptoms disappeared. That motivated me to investigate nutrition & lifestyle for therapeutic purposes and so I decided to go back to school and graduate as a Nutritional Therapist at CNM in London.I knew there were so many women out there suffering with the same exact problems I had, and they would be confused because there’s so much conflicting information on the web.So, I decided to dedicate my career to help them ditch those symptoms and I have created my 3-month ‘Fix Your Hormones’ program.Today I am symptom-free and have helped dozens of women ditch their PMS and regain focus, energy and stable moods

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