Rhematoid Arthritis and Nutrition

Niti Shah · January 8, 2022


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Niti Shah

Niti Shah, PT, MS-HNFMI hold a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States (where I was awarded the Dean’s merit list award, the highest academic recognition), and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from MSU, Baroda, India. Graduating from the best evidence-based program in the country that weaved in principles of functional medicine (root cause science), I learned from the best and brightest professors and practitioners across the globe and that has gifted me the latest and most effective toolkit to heal with nutrition and lifestyle. To add to that I had the opportunity to learn from the best mentors working for my Certified Nutrition Specialist hours. My clinical rotation and internship during my Bachelor’s program at SSG hospital, which has an outpatient count of upward of 900,000 annually, provided me extensive exposure and hands-on training.My StoryWhat led me to the wonderful path of nutrition is my personal health struggles. They were both instrumental and catalysts for the creation of Back2Basics functional nutrition practice.My mom always says- “Whatever happens, happens for the best! Whether you accept it or not, the most valuable lesson behind it – is to make you stronger.”Growing up in India, I always enjoyed home-cooked meals and so continued the tradition after moving to the States. But little did I know of the whooping number of processed and ultra-processed foods had crept into my pantry and refrigerator that I was using mindlessly in my meals. While they do make our lives easier, unfortunately, they do not make them healthier which I learned the hard way.I was trying to lose weight for years after pregnancy with little to no success and to add to that was my husband’s diagnosis of autoimmunity and my kid’s allergies. It sure felt like the sky is falling at that time. But as every cloud has a silver lining, so did our health. My personal health crises and not finding success in standard protocols led me to the path of functional nutrition. Only after I understood what is right for me that I succeeded to lose those stubborn pounds and have kept it off for 5 years now and we were also able to reverse and put my husband’s autoimmunity into remission with the guidance of functional medicine practitioners when my belief in this magical approach became even stronger. Simple and back to basics, Functional Nutrition has changed my life and I hope that it can do the same for you.

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