Power of Movement for Anxiety

Vanessa Michielon · February 13, 2022


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Vanessa Michielon

Hi, I am Vanessa! I am a certified Yoga, Pilates and Barre coach and professional Dancer, with more than 12 years of teaching experience (including some of the leading studios in London) and over 30 years of movement studies under my belt. I help people of all ages and backgrounds feel healthy, confident and resilient through my signature movement programme, so they can manage stress, get the body they deserve, and thrive in all aspects of their life. If you love intelligent movement and want to feel more empowered, grounded and at ease in your skin, this is the right place for you All my offerings are fortified with 30 + years of Movement studies and passionate learning across the fields of Dance, Yoga for Mental Health, Pilates, and Somatic Practice. Enjoy the complete signature method to move out of stress, and learn the skills to cultivate a healthy and focused bodymind. These practices invite you into a journey through Yoga, Dance, Pilates, meditation and deep listening. They guide you back into the body and teach you how to be soft, strong, grounded and joyous, the best version of yourself! Have a specific goal in mind? Prefer to practice on your own time and at your own speed? From Destress Yoga to Immune Boosting 5 days programmes, choose your perfect on-demand training and learn the foundations of Transformative Movement. Sometimes you need floaters for some time to swim. Sometimes you need training wheels to help you enjoy the act of cycling. Sometimes you need an encouraging voice standing and cheering for you from bleachers or a stadium and none of those times were you less talented or brave. You are simply aware of what works and doesn’t work out for you. No matter the reason or concern or block, this one-on-one programme is here to support you into embracing what truly moves you.

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