Parenting for Success and Healing

Sandy Gluckman · January 8, 2022


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Sandy Gluckman

Dr. Sandy Gluckman is a learning and behavior specialist, author, educator and international speaker who has consulted with, and trained, thousands of parents and teachers around the globe. Dr. Sandy’s specialty is in teaching parents how to use their relationship with their children as a powerful healing tool. ​ Dr. Gluckman holds a degree in Clinical Psychology. Her PhD thesis, The Whole Brain Approach to Education, shows the benefits of using both sides of the brain in communicating, teaching and learning. Dr. Sandy’s ‘whole child’ approach is based on her unique blend of studies in Functional Medicine, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Psychology. Dr. Sandy’s unique integrated approach treats all aspects of the child’s health – spirit, body and brain. In private consultations, she uses a combination of individual, couples and family counselling, based on what is required in each situation. She also offers presentations, keynotes and workshops to parents, educators and healthcare providers around the globe, empowering them with the newest information and the tools to heal children and teens, academically, emotionally and physically. I was a child whose brain worked differently. I know what it was like to believe that there was something wrong with the way my brain worked.I know what it felt like to wonder why I struggled to learn as easily as others could.I know what it was like to see things differently, to think outside the tiny box they wanted me to think in, to see connections and possibilities that others could not see – and to be told I was foolish, I was wrong.I know what it felt like to feel unseen by the other children; to desperately want to be a part of the popular in-group, but not have the confidence to put myself out there and connect with others.I know what it felt like to grapple with thoughts filled with fear and anxiety, and feel sad and withdrawn.I know what it felt like to have a deep ache inside of me.I know what it felt like to dream about becoming confident, courageous, bold and resilient but never knowing how. And then in my late 20’s (a story for another time) something miraculous happened.I discovered that there is nothing wrong with me. I discovered that actually, there is everything right about me.That I have amazing gifts that others did not understand or recognize, or know how to handle, in a validating and empowering way.And I began to know, and feel, in my being, that, who I am, and how I am, is SO Enough! THIS is why I decided that I wanted to do everything I can to prevent other children from going through the pain of feeling different and ‘lesser than’. I studied and researched and practiced for many years, continuously developing and defining what it takes to be a parent that is physically, mentally and emotionally capable of raising children that are physically, mentally and emotionally capable of living a successful, happy and meaningful life. I believe that the 2021 version of my ‘Parenting That Heals Program’ does exactly that.And now it’s available, not only with me in my clinic, but also as video coaching.

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