Nutrition During Chemotherapy Treatment

James · February 13, 2022


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I am a Registered Massage Therapist and Olympic Weightlifting Coach. My vision is to provide a facility for individuals to help them reach their fitness and therapy goals through exercise and rehabilitation.Being in the fitness industry for over 7 years, I have developed an extensive amount of knowledge and experience from numerous clients, mentorships and continuing education. I have worked with a wide variety of different fitness levels from helping clients perform better at specific sports, to rehabilitating neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. My specialties include corrective exercise, injury prevention and sport performance training.Aside from the fitness industry, I have devoted the past 5 years extensively rehabilitating chronic pain/injuries and systemic conditions. Merging eastern and western medicine collaboratively has allowed me to develop a unique approach of integrating Chinese Medicine, manual therapy and corrective exercise into my treatment plans for maximal results. I am also a believer in client education and that more than half of the results is educating the client with the proper information.What I do?When it comes to health, I am a big believer in balance. As a personal trainer and health care practitioner, I am a mentor to my clientele. My goal is to help bring balance into their lives by incorporating the right amount of exercise, therapy and rest.How I do it?With the experience, knowledge and expertise I have received throughout my career, I have developed a unique approach to helping my clientele reach their fitness and therapy goals. This is done by combining strength training, manual therapy and Chinese medicine.Why I do it?There is nothing more rewarding than helping an individual achieve their goals. Whether it is preparing an athlete for a sport competition, or relieving a patient’s chronic pain, as a coach and health care practitioner, there is no better feeling than success and accomplishments.

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