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My name is Dr Gail Pearson and I've worked as an anaesthetist [specialist medical doctor] in New Zealand for almost 30 years. I’m passionate about natural health and wellness. As well as being a Doctor I’m a mum to 3 gorgeous daughters, a loving partner to an amazing man, a grandmother to 2 precious grandchildren, a doggie mum to 2 rescue dogs and a bovine mum to 14 steers! My mission is to help people live the lives they want - showing them natural ways to support this by educating on how to obtain and maintain optimal cellular health. I’m continually learning (whether that be in medicine, business, farming or natural health) to make me and those around me shine. I’ve learnt how to achieve and to aim high. I’ve had my fair share of knock backs and now I’m reaping the benefits of persistence, hard work and dedication. I want you to be able to do the same. These products are a game changer for health, I want you to benefit too. To your good health

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