Massage with Sound Healing

Vera Kamaeva · February 13, 2022


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Vera Kamaeva

Vera is originally from Siberia, however she decided to leave her home country and become a ‘child of the world’. Vera has lived in the UK, USA, Spain, India, Sri Lanka and has visited more than 50 countries. Vera has called the UAE home since 2010. Vera started her journey in the Fitness World back in 2005 where she earned coaching qualifications in personal training, aerobics, dance aerobics, step aerobics and Pilates. She is a fully qualified female personal trainer who can provide excellent training at home in Abu Dhabi. She started her Yoga practice 10 years ago and it has changed her life forever. Vera is passionate about sharing her love for yoga and fitness and teaches with an authentic and fun approach to her clients in Abu Dhabi. She genuinely believes that yoga and fitness has become her life! Love for Yoga took her all the way to India, where she spent 1 year deepening her practice and enhancing her experience and training skills. Through intention, meditation, breathing and asanas she delivers her students exactly what they need at this moment. Vera believes that yoga has something for everyone, whether it is to gain flexibility, quiet your mind and distress or just to feel better in everyday life. Everyone is different, every single body is different, everyone has different abilities, and it is especially important for her to recognize it and ensure safe and unique approach. Having a Pilates background, she found that combining it with Yoga, helps to improve flexibility and strengthen the body, it is effective for weight loss, toning or any back and spine related problems. Vera is also a certified Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Yoga for kids, Yoga therapy for people with injuries or different health issues and Level 2 Certified in the Usui Reiki. To improve emotional and physical well-being, to relieve certain ailments, including anxiety and insomnia, she can offer Sound Healing with Tibetan singing bowls. Vera believes that Sound Healing is the medicine of the future.

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