Managing Anxiety

Maya · February 13, 2022


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Maya Attinello I never really understood general anxiety disorder or ever associated myself with an anxious person. I just knew I always had racing thoughts. Thankfully, through much hard work, I am able to manage it. There are good days and better ones. I’m just so thankful that simple things like food, exercise, and stress management really work to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle. As I dug deeper into my anxiety issues, I went ahead and tested my genetics with 23andme. I wanted to know if I was predisposed to this type of behavior and how I could manage it. My youngest also has autism, so it gave me even more reason to understand my genome and his too. Although nutrigenomics is only in its infancy, it has helped me understand my body from a scientific perspective and form a diet that supports me where I need help.

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