Is it Safe to Consume CBD

Jena Bodeker · January 8, 2022


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Jena Bodeker

I am Jena Bodeker. I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), gardener, home cook, wife, and mom to two sweet boys. I am all about family and the power that food has to bring people together around a table. I love to be outside, whether in my garden picking up weeds that my husband has pulled, walking around my neighborhood, or exploring nature by going on a hike with my family. This is me. I’d love to meet you! I received my Bachelors degree in Food and Nutrition from Texas State University and passed my National exam in 2006. I’ve worked in restaurants, delis, sub shops, baked breads and desserts. I was also in the Texas Army National Guard and served as a medic. These days, I am working on certifications that involve food and integrative medicine. As someone who is living with Type II Diabetes and high cholesterol and using my diet to manage these without the use of medication, I want to share my knowledge, expertise and experience so that others living with these issues can see that they have options too. I’m about no calorie counting and helping others to accept their bodies for the awesome creations that they are, with a focus on getting rid of the shame surrounding how & what people eat. I want to bring freedom back to enjoying food and give people the tools that they need to eat intuitively and feel empowered with the choices they make.

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