How To Make Diaper Rash Cream?

Genoveva Velasquez · March 17, 2022


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Genoveva VelásquezMy name isGenoveva, and in 2013 we started this life-changing family journey that today we call Atitlan Herbals. We do what we love the most, work with plants and with what mother nature has offered us and we share and teach people how to work with this for their health, wellness, and much more. We offer natural products for the care of your body, natural baby care, and natural liquid soaps.The founders of Atitlan Herbals are Luzio and Genoveva. Having grown up in his grandmother’s herbal farm, Luzio began his journey first studying Native American and Mexican Ethnobotany 30 years ago and during that process studied Chinese medicine and Acupuncture in order to have a framework to understand indigenous herbalism in the Americas from an energetic perspective, specializing in a Japanese form of medicine called Kototama Inochi, which includes massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and physical therapy he has a particular gift to assist the relief/removal of deep or chronic pain, he does these incorporating herbs in each one of his treatments.Genoveva had always been interested in sciences, after giving up her career as an Engineer in Guatemala city, traveled the Americas, and then moved to Lake Atitlan, she found her passion making high-quality medicinal plant extracts, healing balms, botanical skincare, natural baby care, natural liquid soaps and living in nature, starting her life pathworking with the plants. All this began as a way of treating their 4-year-old daughter named Love. Today they work in their lab at home where they spend their time teaching their little one how to talk to plants, process them and enjoy the life they have in nature here in Lake Atitlan.

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