How to balance my hormones

Jill · November 13, 2021


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Jill Schmelke is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Nourish Me. Jill is a journalist turned health advocate, researcher and nutritionist. Her own family’s health concerns motivated her to look for answers outside traditional medical pathways. Her years of research increased her own family’s health and wellness. Now she empowers her clients by breaking down the vast and conflicting health information that is overwhelmingly available.  She provides individualized, relatable and essential knowledge to her clients. With this they are able to build sustainable habits to increase their vitality and health. Jill specializes in helping clients with weight management and overall health by rebalancing nutrition to support their high-stress lifestyles.I grew up in a home where good food was a big deal. My mum was a creative and delicious cook (her mint cured salmon remains my favourite dish ever). She put an emphasis on healthy foods — while our friends ate Pop Tarts and sucked back Super Socco’s we were most definitely not.Packaged foods in our household were a no go – reserved for holidays and road trips only. My sister and I complained at the time but I am grateful now for the mindset of health she instilled. I knew what it was like to go out into the world well-nourished. With a healthy body and mind it felt I could accomplish anything!I’m now the mom of two boys. I spent the years in between pursuing my love of food, fitness and writing. I studied kinesiology and personal training, worked in the food industry, got disillusioned, and went back to school for a graduate degree in journalism.My own family has it’s share of health challenges (who doesn’t these days??). As mom, I controlled what we ate, so I tried alternative diets such as GAPS and SCD. I fermented, juiced, eschewed grains and dairy, threw out anything in a package and spent hours learning about alternative healing modalities.The more I learned— the more things changed — for the better. Food is a major part of our healing journey but so is reducing the toxic load in our daily lives and using a tailored supplement regime to enhance the good health we now enjoy.

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