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Lorraine · January 7, 2022


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Lorraine Cooney, Registered Dietitian GUT HEALTH & NUTRITION SPECISLIST WITH 20+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. BEST SELLING AUTHOR of Gut Feeling, a low FODMAP recipe book and recipe guide. Compassionate and knowledgeable DIETITIAN, engaging SPEAKER, Guest LECTURER My name is Lorraine and I am passionate and experienced in helping people find relief from digestive issues. I am highly skilled and knowledgeable in the digestive health space and am recognised as a specialist in my role. I completed the Kings College London Low FODMAP training and co-authored the Low FODMAP book, Gut Feeling, which was published in 2017. I have also had my fair share of gut problems! After feeling more and more bloated and constipated beyond my first pregnancy (about 125 moons ago ;-)), I knew that something was up. Even with dietetic training and experience (!) I remembers feeling confused about what food to eat and being unable to trust my body, and more specifically my stubborn bowel. Out of necessity, I deep dived into the literature to understand the complexities of these symptoms and subsequent therapeutic interventiosn that could help manage the ‘making-me-feel-ill’ and ‘getting-me-down’ symptoms. Thankfully I finally did discover my root causes and how to manipulate my diet and lifestyle to help manage symptoms, which was just such a massive relief. Being able to rely on ones gut to function properly is a beautiful thing! I wants to help you achieve the same, but without the time wasting on the merry go round of inappropriate, generic or confusing information. I will guide you through my signature processes so you can live a more fulfilling and symptom free life. Education & Training: •BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition, University of Ulster, Coleraine, N. Ireland (2:1 with commendation) •MSc Dietetics, Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland (awarded with Distinction) Credentials: Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian, Blackrock Clinic, Blackrock, Co. Dublin Certified in Intuitive Eating, Advanced Counselling Skills and Nutrition Counselling in Practice Chairperson of Gastrointestinal Interest Group of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute Guest Lecturer in IBS and IBD on a BSc and MSc Dietetics courses Accredited Low FODMAP practitioner, (King’s College London)

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