Functional Medicine Perspective for Hormone Issues

Gabriella Udabor · January 8, 2022


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Gabriella Udabor

I am Gabriella Udabor, but you can call me Gaby. I am a family nurse practitioner (Texas Woman’s University) now a functional medicine health consultant (school of applied functional medicine). I have always been interested in preventive medicine and was never a “big fan” of just prescribing medications to my patient, I always thought there should be a better way. My journey however is like most people. As many would know me, I have always been the “health nut girl” but at the same time was dealing with multiple GI issues for almost a decade. I started researching on my own when I realized that my medical providers were not helping me, doing expensive lab workups, multiple antibiotics treatments and so on.My fervent research lead to the discovery of functional medicine which is basically a medical approach that digs deep and focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of diseases and illness, leading to true health and wellness instead of band aiding the problems with medications. After years of suffering with all these gastrointestinal (GI) problems, I finally started healing within 4 months of working with a functional medicine provider, I could feel the difference in my health. It’s amazing that with all the medical providers I was working with at those times, the digging deep into my lifestyle, stress level or dietary needs, etc. was so minimally addressed which of course was a big deal to my healing among other things. I now have few GI issues now and a bonus to all this is that I have a stable weight and no more fluctuating weight. It takes time to put together a personalized plan for each client, learn the uniqueness of each individual from their health history, and dig deep into what has worked and has not worked in the past. From here an individualized plan can be created. All this process will take longer than the standard 15-minute office visit! Well here we are, this is one of the big reasons I opened my functional medicine health consulting practice. So, I am so excited with this progressive way of medicine, the functional medicine way because I am now helping my own family and looking forward to help as many people that will be coming my way to get true healing. The good news also is that I can serve clients from any part of the world in the comfort of their homes.

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