Correlation of Being Vegetarian and Hypothyroidism

Angela Brown · March 17, 2022

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Angela Brown

I am Angela Brown and I help women overcome hypothyroidism so they can lose weight and get their sexy back.I hear so many women that try to heal their thyroid on their own but just can't quite figure it out. They spend thousands of dollars and so much time and energy to get some answers only to be back at the beginning again with frustration.  I have been there...numerous times! That is why I want to help women avoid this viscous cycle!I have helped so many women learn how to address their sluggish thyroid and gain confidence in themselves again. My holistic healing approach will help you discover the root reasons why you are not feeling like yourself.  We will keep digging and I will also hold you accountable. Together we create a plan that is simple and effective to implement in your busy life.I became interested in the healthcare field in high school when I took my first anatomy class. It was then that I knew I wanted to pursue a career related to the body and how it functioned. After I graduated high school,  I earned a degree in Physical Therapy. I worked in outpatient orthopedic and sports clinics for 8 years but at that point, I knew I wanted something more. I became certified in personal training and then went on to get certified in health coaching.  My passion for nutrition and lifestyle change began to grow even more when I was struggling with my own health issues.

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