Corrective Chiropractic Neurology and Functional Medicine

Timothy Chiu · January 7, 2022


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Timothy Chiu

Dr. Timothy Chiu grew up in the Chicagoland (Illinois) area with a lifelong dream of caring for people as a doctor. His dream came true when he began his own private practice in 1999. For the next 20+ years, Dr. Chiu has been treating over thousands of patients while specializing in integrative medicine. In 2014, he moved to Orange County, California and began a new practice there. He has recently settled into a new clinic in Irvine, California and is currently practicing there. Dr. Chiu’s unique approach to health care continues to advance in the most up-to-date methods of health care diagnosis and treatments while accumulating a long list of happy and well-satisfied patients over the years to the present day. Dr. Chiu has accumulated thousands of hours of clinical training in: Integrative medicine, clinical nutrition, applied kinesiology, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, mind and body medicine, functional neurological chiropractic medicine, and energy medicine. Dr. Chiu has a particular interest in helping patients with chronic illnesses such as chronic infections, hormonal imbalances, chronic neurological problems, and with patients who suffer from automobile accidents, sports injuries, or other personal injuries.

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