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mary · January 8, 2022


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I’m a mama, partner to an amazing man, and a member of a loving family. I’ve had quite an epically adventurous career - from working as a buyer for major fashion retailers, to owning an agency in the cannabis and wellness space, and now as a marketing executive for a national restaurant group. Despite my “success”, I yearned for something more. I wanted to know what I was put on this earth to do because convincing people to buy things just isn’t it. And so, I set out to find my higher purpose, and during my quest, I realized what it is: it’s to bring healing and respect to our environment. Now how was I going to do that was another question. I’m no scientist, environmentalist, or activist. I was clueless but for some reason, knew the answer would come to me. And eventually, it did. I realized that people who make the policies and decisions that pollute our Earth are the ones who are unconscious of their own higher purpose, unconscious of their truths and traumas. How can I expect conscious decisions from unconscious people? They need healing the most. And at that point, I knew that in order for me to help bring healing to our planet, I must do my part to bring healing to everyone, including myself. I figured out that I’d be able to do this by doing what I do best….marketing, which really just means utilizing my talent of sharing information in a way that excites and resonates with people. Except this time, my goal isn’t to get you to buy something. It’s to get you to invest in yourself, and ultimately, in our planet. This will lead you to discover your truth and live in alignment with your higher purpose. Because the more of us are in flow, the healthier and more harmonious our world will be.

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