Ayurveda for Skin Care

Sunita Passi · February 13, 2022


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Sunita Passi

Sunita Passi was a career journalist whose abiding passion for natural, holistic wellness became her vocation, sparking a complete change of direction in her life journey. As a child, she had witnessed her grandfather, an Ayurvedic doctor named Hazari Lal Passi, treat his patients from his clinic in northern India. These memories stayed with her, shaping the powerfully grounding techniques in massage, meditation and mindfulness that are now the foundation of her training programmes. She founded Tri-Dosha in 2005 to make modern Ayurveda accessible to an increasingly health-conscious population looking for alternative, natural paths, via practitioner training and products to complement the treatments. In Sunita’s modern vision, there are no gurus or incense, although the award-winning skincare formulations do contain medicinal herbs sourced from independent farmers known to her grandfather. Alongside creating Tri-Dosha as an educational resource and award-winning premium skincare brand, Sunita is also an inspirational speaker. She teaches across a number of live and online platforms, plays host on BBC Radio Nottingham and also co-founded the meditation project Unplugged Space, which curates community meditation events.

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