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Melanie · November 13, 2021


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Melanie Phillips: MadhuriAs someone who has stumbled, fallen, tread tumultuous waters and dug deep for the strength to rise back up again—I am here to remind you there is a way through.Your way may not be my way but I will remind you of, hold you accountable to, and inspire the light within you to shine brighter then you ever thought was possible.I offer Inner Mastery Mentorship programs based in Ayurveda, yoga and energy work to facilitate and support your healing at the root cause of imbalance—to provide a fresh perspective; integrate the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve your health and life aspirations; empower you with the wisdom to listen to your body and teach you how self-acceptance is the most profound form of healing.I work with conscious souls to unravel the brilliance within so that freedom can be experienced and lived in a practical and empowering way—so you can live the best version of yourself possible.Through a grueling seven-year illness, devastating divorce, and grieving the death of my partner I have been initiated into deep compassion for illness and loss. These poignant experiences have crafted and inspired what I offer you and how we work together.I am an author, speaker, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga teacher trainer & Bio-Energy Healer who has devoted my life to expanding my capacity to love and experience freedom and I’m dedicated to assisting you do the same.

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