Ayurveda for Allergies

Mahesh · January 8, 2022


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Dr. Mahesh S. Sabade is an accomplished Ayurvedic practitioner, Panchakarma expert; teacher and author, with a great love for helping people discover health through Ayurvedic treatments and knowledge.Dr. Mahesh was inspired to dedicate himself to Ayurveda by Vaidya Prashant Suru, a disciple of the renowned Vaidyaraj Atmaram Datar Shastri. Vaidya Suru remained Mahesh's mentor, guiding his research and overseeing his internships. Spiritually, Mahesh draws deep inspiration from the great Marathi yogi and poet-saint Jnaneshwar Maharaj, whose philosophy is expounded in an exquisite commentary on the Bhagavad Gita.Dr. Mahesh earned the Ayurvedacharya and Ayurveda Vachaspati degrees (or B.A.M.S. and M.D. respectively) from the University of Pune, specializing in Panchakarma, and received a Dharam Hinduja Scholarship for post-graduate studies and research at the Ayurved Research Institute in Pune.Since 1997, Dr. Mahesh has been running his own Ayurvedic consultancy and Panchakarma clinic in Pune. In addition he works as Honorary Ayurveda Consultant to the University of Pune Health Center, and as Honorary Ayurveda Consultant on the Panel of Doctors for the State Governor of Maharashtra.Dr. Mahesh is an enthusiastic, engaging and precise teacher who brings the science, yoga, and spiritual dimensions of Ayurveda alive. He is a Founder Member of the Foundation for Education and Research in Ayurveda and Traditional Systems of Medicine, whose mission aims to encompass education and clinical research, plus offering improved, low-cost Ayurveda services in rural areas.Dr. Mahesh is co-author of a book and CD-ROM called Aahar, The Scientific Diet. His forthcoming publication is Ayurved for Beginners.He has recently published a Case Report on Ayurvedic Treatment on Liver Disorder (Hepatic Encephalopathy).Honorary Consultant at University of Pune - Health CentreAgnivesh Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Clinic Pune provides Ayurvedic Consultation and Panchakarma.Honorary Panelist Doctor for the Governor of Maharashtra at Rajbhavan, Mumbai.Specialties: Panchakarma - MD in Panchakarma from Tilak Ayurved College, Pune. Ayurvedic Dietetics - Co-author of Aahar the Scientific Diet

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