Abhimanyu Bhargava

"Ayurvedacharya Abhimanyu R. Bhargava (Nadi Expert, Wellness Coach & Ayurvedic Consultant) Abhimanyu R. Bhargava is the Mentor and veteran Consultant Physician cum Technocrat of Bhargav Ayurveda™. He is passionate to prescribe the authentic Ayurveda advices through his Nadi Parikshan (Pulse Diagnose) and customized safe herbal treatment for needs as per ailments. He provides solution for health support to meet specific needs like various Indian Herbs, Customized Herbal Remedies, Therapeutic blend of Adaptogenic herbs, Spa Products and oils for balancing the Tri-Energies also for relaxation and rejuvenation. Education Passionate about Ayurveda who has not practiced but lived his life for Ayurveda Abhimanyu R. Bhargava, he has completed B.A.M.S. {Bachelor of Ayurved Medicine and Surgery} from Govt. Ayurvedic College Gurukul Kangari, Haridwar and he did M.Sc. Chemistry of Natural products {Master of Science} with having 16 years of clinical practice and experiences in variety of consultancy like Product Formulation design and development for Health Industry projects & assignments. He has contributed as an active member of Technical Expert Committee for ASU (Ayurveda, Sidha and Unani) drugs formulation verification and approval from AYUSH Deptt. Govt. of Haryana under rule of 154(2) Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and rules made there under. He has also worked with Hardicon (A Nodal Agency of Department of Science and Technology Govt. of India and National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) as project associates and products developer for ASU (Ayurveda, Sidha and Unani) Medicine Industries. Member of Technical Expert Committee, AYUSH Drug Branch Govt. of Haryana constituted under section 154 (2)of Drug & Cosmetics Act and rule made there under-1940. (SINCE 28.06.2013 TO CONT.) VIDE HARYANA GOVT. NOTIFICATION 60/3/2008-4HB- IV DATED 28.06.2012. Faculty Development Programme (FDP): NSTEBD (National Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Development Board) DST Govt. of India. Work with Pharmacognosy and Ethanopharmacolgy Dept. of National Botanical Research Institute ( NBRI) LUCKNOW : On topic Quality assurance and Quality control of crude drugs and Herbal Single and compound drug formulation & standardization as per API. International conference on New development on drug discovery from Natural products and Traditional Medicine ( NIPER) Training Programme on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants ( CIMAP- Lucknow) Practice & Objective Born with natural sprit Abhimanyu R. Bhargava is doing the Clinical practice to cure the Patients which is diagnosed on the basis of his Nadi Parikshan, he gives seminar for “Health & Wellness with Ayurveda & Herbs” for daily life. He practice to disseminate the Processing knowledge of Medicinal Plants Identification, their processing in to result oriented dosage formulations, Fractional detection of the morbidity of the body by Pulse diagnosis, Standardization of ASU formulations as per AYUSH and WHO guide lines. Experience & Values His depth of thought and experience in Research and development helps Ayurveda to enhance with new scientific inventions, design, development and optimization of new product formulations for industrial as well as for customized solutions. It helps to enhance the credibility to provide the solution for unknown etiological diseases and ailments that are unknown to mankind. He is dedicated to treat the disorders and ailments which is not detectable through modern investigation, In spite of all these Patients still suffers from various signs and symptoms. His commitment towards Ayurveda have transformed into great success in delivering quality and result oriented treatment and herbal remedies for ailments to people and industries on a very satisfactory level. He is having enough exposure in promoting Ayuveda and bringing it into mainstreaming of Health of Wellness. He leads to create awareness amongst the folks in the Ayurvedic Industries and about the absolute benefits of Ayurveda. Due to his research and development he has made many formulations which have proven to be delivering great results along with the assured Quality while healing to his patients. He is treating the Patients worldwide through safe effective and quality herbal formulations. He has further formulated herbal remedies for Venture & Support Based on research of ASU formulations and clinical practices Abhimanyu R Bhargava has organized the efforts to setup an Herbal Healthcare manufacturing entity namely “AMAZING HERBALS” which gives backup to cater the need of mass for providing proven Herbal Health Remedies to success the designed treatment for most of common prevailing diseases. The technical expertise and guidance makes more dependable and high efficacy of products to enhance the reach for patients. Bhargav Ayurveda also recommends highly effective remedies which are produced by Amazing Herbals to give more health benefits to patients. "

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